Instead of a nap

Instead of a nap

I woke this morning at 4 a.m. with one of those muffled headaches that makes the prospect of opening eyes, brushing teeth, and making coffee seem impossible. But I soldiered on. As I sat in my cozy armchair, the twinkling Christmas lights at my back and my marble journal in my lap, I breathed a cleansing breath and asked God to remove my headache. Then I moved on as if it were done. I wrote my morning pages, said my happiness prayer, worked a little on a poem to take to group and before you know it, the headache was well and truly gone. 

My day progressed. Every time I looked at the clock, it read 4:44, 5:55; 2:22, 3:33. I walked on feathers. My life is filled with angels. Some people would call me naive, even delusional. Some see my life for what it is and what I know. A life blessed by Grace. So what about that?

Grace only works in my life to the extent that I share my life with others. Helping. Caring. Appearing. Forgiving. I spent today working with others on their writing, having worked on my own. I’m off tomorrow for my oldest sister’s birthday party and though she doesn’t much like me, I’ll be there for her. Also will attend the funeral of a dear friend, possibly to meet more people who don’t approve. I’ll love them all because I know my life is blessed I wish everyone could know the freedom I know  

God has given his angels charge over me. So when headaches erupt or squabbles ensue, when life has the potential to shatter my peace, I breathe and connect with my Source within instead of taking a nap. 


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