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What does luck have to with it?

Recently, someone remarked to me that "You are so lucky." In truth, luck had very little to do with the fact that since 2015, I have written and published two novels, two feature films, and one poetry chapbook. That in the past year alone I have held multiple readings/signings in North Carolina and beyond. That my books are placed in bookstores and libraries in a number of states. That I have contracts on two new books due out in 2020. That I have met with a number of book groups to discuss my work.  That I have been invited to read my poetry at a festival in England. This all happened not because of luck, but because of hard work, patience and persistence. It is said that the creative process is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. Let me tell you, for the past four years I have sweated everyday. And I have loved every minute of it. There is nothing I enjoy more than my chosen work. If I am lucky, it is because I am able to immerse myself in my writing. I know some do not have that option. But make no mistake, writing is a difficult profession which requires the dedication and perseverance of an elite athlete, the soft touch of a nurse, and the focus of a Buddhist monk.

When I ask you to donate to my campaign, I do not do this out of a sense of entitlement or hubris. On the contrary, it is with great humility that I place myself before you and ask for your generosity. Humbling, because, as with so many experiences as a writer, I may get rejected. You may not deem me worthy or my cause large enough. To me, it is everything. It is who I am, who I have worked so hard to become. Each small donation is like a tinkling bell, bringing light into my world, bringing me further forward on my path. I am so grateful for your belief in me, for your appreciation that what I have done, am doing, is really a monumental task: to be who I authentically am.

If my words have moved you, and I hope they have, please visit and make a donation to my campaign: Help a Poet Read Her Poems in England. I feel lucky to count you as my friend. 




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