What does luck have to with it?

Down Time

Pre-school teachers have known for years the necessity  of down time, that precious nap that interrupts an otherwise high voltage day full of creativity, energy and combustible wonder. It isn’t just the kids who need the break. It’s the teachers, too, who crave a little less noise, a little time to breathe. I know how they feel. My life right now is chock full of amazing new ventures. I just launched my third book, was invited to England to read my poetry at a prestigious festival, am appearing on a morning television show next week, have just signed two new book contracts, and am scheduled to appear in a number of signing events. This is all so wonderful and beyond my wildest dreams. It has also made clear to me the necessity of down time. Not because I am tired, on the contrary, I have never been so exhilarated in my life. Running on adrenaline, I find myself sleeping less, pushing more. Which is just what I don’t want to do. I need to remember to breathe. To close my eyes and take time to be grateful for all I have been given. Yes, I have worked hard, but underneath this success, shy in the wings, is the Creative Spirit that has blessed me with abundance. Taking down time reminds me that I am just a very small human. It keeps me right-sized. So when I start to get too big for my britches, I stop. Pause. Breathe. Give thanks and move on. Everything in balance. Everything aligned. Naps aren’t just for toddlers, they help us all gain a new perspective. They are an amazing spiritual tool, if you need to rationalize sleeping in the middle of the day. Or, you can just enjoy, as I do daily, a brief reprieve from all the bustle of the day. 


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